The following is an excerpt from the best selling novel. Join the sons of Adam as they battle their way through the Spiritual Realm on a quest to rescue the Celestial Host from impending doom.




Barga - In the land of the Hittites - 666 B.C.


 Sun light creeps over a leaden sky in a slow drift through an age old gateway where four HUGE crudely constructed statues stands nineteen-feet tall. They are grotesque looking IDOLS. These statues are carved from an image that was once worshipped as a god by the inhabitants of the land. The statues are defined in detail and are very intriguing to look upon.    

You can tell by the broken fangs and dull talons of these stone idols, that they have given way to father time. Two tomb raiders, one is a handsome brown skinned muscular man, his name is Haadee. The other, is a drop dead gorgeous goddess; a vision of loveliness, her name is Yasha. Both are in their mid to late thirties, and are running wildly through the jungle in the lower Anti-Taurus providence along the Alpide belt. They pause for a few; both are drenched with sweat and breathing heavy.    

Suddenly, there’s a DEAFENING SHRIEK behind them. They take off running pushing their way through a patch of brush climbing over a large log that’s hidden by a cluster of foliage. Again, they hear the blood-curdling SHRIEK reverberating through the undergrowth, it’s getting closer. Trees swayed and are ripped from their foundation, pushed aside by four powerful finger claws. Flocks of birds scrambled from the trees escaping the threat of something HUGE approaching.   

Haadee and Yasha are running frantically for their lives. They entered another part of jungle amidst the pleasant sounds of wildlife meddling about. Two unidentifiable glowing eyes are focus with a mouth that has rows of curving teeth. It lets off a deep GROWL. Haadee and Yasha quickly hide behind a HUGE tree, holding tightly against its trunk, keeping perfectly still. Suddenly, the tree is SNAPPED in the center by a powerful force. Haadee quickly bolts, leaving his frightened partner to face the horror alone.

The tree tumbles aside as if it was cut down by a season lumber jack. Yasha’s SCREAMS are out of control. Suddenly, the heavens open and a visible streak of FIRE fall from the sky. It SLAMS into the ground with tremendous force.


The impact left a large round depression on the earths surface. Something bright and powerful SPRINGS UP from the crater. Its appearance is angelic. As it turns out, it’s a powerful angel sent by the LORD. Haadee looks back and sees two inhuman like feet position near her. He comes back and quickly yanks her out of path of danger; dashing deeper into the jungle.  

Yasha looks back trying to steal a glimpse of this powerful thing, but do to the thick undergrowth; its image lacks clear delineation. The angel of the Lord attacks its counterpart, raining a battering of blows on the creature.  Yasha’s  movement becomes a little sluggish. She began lagging behind as a result. 

They trekked their way through vine-covered trees amidst the sound of hoof-beats until they doesn’t hear the shrieking anymore because the angel of the Lord made quick work of its adversary. They are very winded from running. They stumbled upon a desolate pathway hidden by the jungle,     

“C’mon! Hurry!” he says to her.

“I, I, I don’t think I can go any further.” she replies struggling to keep up.

They stop for a moment, winded from running. Yasha, bends face-down desperately gasping for air. She looks over at Haadee, not sure,  

“Do you…?”

She’s clearly at a loss, breathing in deep,

“Do you think . . .?”

A short moment passes between them. Yasha exhales her breath, too winded to formulate her words,

“Do you think we lost it?” she asked of him quizzingly.

“I don’t know? I don’t see it behind us, and I’m not going to find out if it knows we are here.” he says while also gasping for air.

Yasha looks around nervously rears back standing frozen after spotting something in between the vines to her right. Haadee looks at her bewildered,

“Yasha, what’s wrong?” he asked his petrified friend.

She points him in the direction. He stands off with a not so surprised reaction. He goes over and pulls down a few vines uncovering two golden malevolent statues that were claimed by the jungle. He SHOUTS with joy, and embraces one of them kissing on their findings. He is fascinated by the objects, adorning them,

“Yasha! We could fetch serious reward for these.” he says with the moment getting the best of him.

Suddenly, a foul odor filled the air around them. Their faces grimace from the awful smell,    

“Gosh! What’s that awful smell?” asked Yasha.

“I don’t know, but it’s terrible.” replied Haadee.

They continued examining the golden statues and a few other artifacts in the area until they discovered an unusual looking opening. It takes them a few seconds before they realized that they are standing in an opening of an enormous grotto. They walk through the inky dark opening feeling there way inside until the darkness swallowed them with every step. Their eyes barely can adjust to the environment around them. They continued forward until something makes a cracking noise under their feet.

Haadee sees a flameless torch nestled in its wall bracket. He takes hold of it and lights it. The visual receptor illuminates the inner core revealing a huge occult chamber, it‘s eerie looking. They stop frozen. They look around the sanctuary with wide eyes. They stood stone-like at the sight of seeing the ground littered with human remains half-buried in sand. They are amazed by the grisly icons of evil implication, wearing holy vestments. But they grimaces from the smell of the lingering odor, and pressed on, till they discovered an ALTAR in the middle of the floor.

Beyond the ALTAR is an inauspicious STATUE; it’s creepy looking? It’s also dressed in holy vestment. They stood at the base of this three-dimensional sculpture looking upon it in awe. Haadee place the torch into an empty wall bracket as they continued surveying the room. Suddenly, something bellows out several LOUD SHRIEKS. The chilling sound startled both of them. They realize that it’s heading in their direction, but the tunnel is to dark for them to see what’s approaching.

Haadee find another unlit torch nestled in its wall bracket around a corner. But when he pulled on it, a skeleton appears ghostlike like out of the void. He SCREAMS. Yasha is already a nervous wreck, screams as well. She stops and gives him a crazy look,

“I was seeing if you have a backbone.”

“Oh yeah, I seen yours running back the way we came in.” she retorted.

He takes unlit torch out of the skeletons hand and lights it. He tosses it into the underpass and watched as the FLAME’S glow ILLUMINATES the tunnel. Amidst the glow, they watched LOOMING SHAPES emerging, TWISTING and DISTORTING, SHRIEKING, heading in their direction,

“Quick! Hide before it sees us.” he says.

“Hide where? There’s nowhere to hide?” she retorted.

Haadee calls out for Yasha to turn around,

“Here, here, over here! Quick!”

There’s a hard THUMP,

“OUCH!” he shouts.

As they ducked behind the statue, he covers his mouth fighting the pain.

“Where is your backbone now?” she asked him.

He snaps his head directly opposite of Yasha. He looks down and sees a stone tablet, when a HUGE image RISES out of the tunnel,

“If you don't want to be the main dish, I suggest that you hold still.

Yasha doesn't answer. She breaks into a COLD SWEAT praying that whatever it is doesn't detect them. From the place they are hiding, they could only get a glimpse of it. Yasha looks up at the ceiling unease. Haadee tries to steal another glimpse of this terrifying thing but Yasha catches him off-guard yanking him back. Haadee snaps his head toward her as if to ask; what are you doing? But she gives him back a look,

Hold still. he whispers.

Why? What is it? she whispers back.

“It's a large species of blood-sucking bats sweeping through the chamber looking for something to devour.

He looks at the tablet, reaches down and picks it up. The bats quickly vanish into the darkness, and out of the grotto. A few seconds later all is quiet, Haadee peers tensely out from behind the statue making sure that the coast is clear. After confirming his suspicion, he breathes a sign of relief and clamber out from behind their hiding place. He brings the tablet along with him,

“What’s that in your hand?” asked Yasha.

“I hit this with my foot.” he says still wincing in pain.

“It looks like there’s some writing on it?” she says.

“Yes, I see?”

“What does the writing say?” she asked.

“I don’t know but the writing seems to be of Togarmah. No, no wait! I’ve seen this before.” he says squeezing his eyes.

He studies the carving closely, it did not take him long to decipher the text.

“This writing is of Hittite. It was later canonized by the Wilusa elders.” he says.

She leans in close to him. His eyes are fixated on the tablet.

“Hittite? What does it say?” she asked.

“It says . . . The Angels of God shall become powerless before our lord. None shall be able to escape his wrath. The god of the earth shall reign in heaven ruling from his throne. Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Phanuel shall be crucified before him on the day of atonement.”

“Who is this god that the Hittites are referring too?”

“I don’t know? But they carved this statue in its honor.”

“It’s a statue of whom? This doesn’t look nothing like the Egyptian god Ra, or the Amorite god Martu, nor the Canaanite god El?”

“I agree.”

“Do you think it’s the Semitic god of the Assyrians, Ashur?”


“What about the Philistine god, Dagon?”

“Hmmm, no? I’ve seen and worshipped those gods, and their image is not as powerful as this one.”

If its not any of them, then who is this statue dedicated too? 

I wish I knew the answer to that question?  

Not more than 10 yards away, Yasha sees more writings on the wall. She slowly creeps forward keeping her eyes locked on the text. She stands at the wall examining the carvings,

“I know this language, it’s Babylonian.” she thought to herself.

She began translating the text on the wall out loud, when something strange begins to happen. LIGHT suddenly FLASHES across her face. Her eyes are filled with fear as if she seen a ghost. There’s a BLAST OF WIND, and it's over. The wind blew out sand that was covering the name written thereof,  

“What was that?” asked Haadee.

“I don’t know I read the text that’s written on this wall and a rush of wind blew in.” replied Yasha.

Haadee comes over to see the text. He recognizes that it’s Babylonian as well. Immediately, he sees the statue's name and FREEZES for a few. He backs away with wide eyes, stunned, and shocked. Yasha has the faintest idea on what’s happening,

“We have to get out of here quickly.”

“Why? What’s wrong?” she asked him.

“The text that you read is written to call up the demon Anu.”

“So this cave is the temple of Anu?”

“No . . . it’s the grave of Anu.”

Her head SNAPS in his direction not comprehending the thought, 

“Grave? Where does spirits goes to die? How can a spirit be resurrected?”

Haadee turns slightly surveying the area shaking off his terror. He’s looking for anything suspicious,

“This writing was somehow copied from the Mali Empire’s Great Book.” he retorted.

“The Great Book? What the heck is that?”

“The Great Book contains incantations that can bring the dead back to life – including spirits. That’s what you did when you read the text out loud. C’mon, we have to get out of here.”

“Wait! Tell me. Who is this Anu? What do you know about him?”

Haadee SNAPS his head in her direction. His stare is tense,

“Woman, you ask too much questions. Anu is the demon son of Alalu. According to the Hittites, Alalu had his deity stripped from him by Allah because he went against the establish order, and he fled to the underworld were he vowed to take revenge on the Lord of Host.”

“Now we know who this statue is dedicated too. Why would Allah do such a thing?”

“The tale goes, after Lucifer fathered a child, from that moment on, Allah forbid all deities from procreating with humans.”

Yasha drifts past him, reaches up and takes a cup from off of a stony shelf examining it. She pauses for a few,

“Wait, wait, wait! Are you telling me that Lucifer fathered a child?”

“As crazy as it sounds, yes.”

“I never heard such a thing. How can a deity lay with a human and find pleasure? Don’t you know that if the high priest hears you speak such blasphemy, he can have you thrown in jail; or worse, have you crucified for making false attributes against a deity?”

“I know, but it’s true. As a child, I heard the village elders speak on such a thing. They also spoke about their father, fathers reading about it in the writings of Enoch,

The writings of Enoch?” she asked quizzingly with her eyes upon him.

Yes. It is said that Allah wanted to destroy the forbidden child but the Burning One’s convinced Him not to do so, with the thought of both siblings getting along. But as it turned out, they were wrong, and its the sole reason why Allah expelled them from paradise.” 

“Where is this writing? And how did he come about such a tale as this?” she asked of him again quizzingly.

“The tale goes. Seth called his son Enoch and tells him to write this down. He said: My children, I know not whither I go, or what will befall me after this manner of what I heard. One morning during the cool of the day before the sun was able to shine its golden rays on the planet!

He arose from his slumber and headed out to number the herds and fetch a morsel to eat, when he heard voices coming from a cave. He entered the cave amidst a dim glow and hid behind a wall. He was surprise to see that Allah had descended to the earth and He brought with Him the Burning One’s. He crosses the room slipping behind another wall, trying to get a closer view, but he couldn’t because his path was blocked by some strange force. 

But he over hears them speaking with Satan about giving him free rein over the planet. After Satan left, they set forth a plan of salvation and redemption that will undo what Satan has done. Seth passed all that he heard on to his son Enoch and he told him to never disclose it to anyone, including his sons. And it came to pass, after Seth went on to be with his father, Enoch was about to reveal the writings of his father to his sons after his father commanded him not to do.

Allah got wind of it, and before Enoch could, the heavens opened, and Allah sent from His presence a bright fire. Angels descended from the second tier of heaven onto the earth and took Enoch along with the writings of his father on their wings. But as they bore him up to the first heaven, they were unaware that one of the writings fell somewhere in the earth. The angels placed Enoch on the clouds, where he is never seen again.”

“So how did the Wilusa’s come to know about the writings?”

“According to the village priest; one day, war broke out between the Hittites and the Wilusa’s. The Wilusa’s attacked with speed and strength catching the Hittite’s army flat footed. Sword clashed with sword as the two combatants are locked in battle. Quickly, parts of territory fell under Wilusa rule.

Smoke fills the air as huts are set ablaze by the Wilusa army. The Soothsayers and all of their magic was no match the Wilusa army because they were protected by an even more powerful magic. So the Soothsayer and all of his apprentices scattered in every direction. Wherever they turned, Wilusa troops burst out. Every aspect of the Hittite kingdom was under siege by the invading army. Plus, the small handful of shamantic healers was no match for the heavily armed forces of the Wilusa army.   

 The archers turn their bows toward the fleeing healers and fired a volley of arrows at them. Several arrows landed near the high priest. He stops, hesitates, locking eyes with one of the archers. He SNAPS his head in all directions and sees that all of his apprentices lying on the ground dead.

A crazed Wilusa soldier comes up behind the priest with his sword drawn back preparing to strike the fatal blow. But the archer FIRED his arrow first. The shamanistic leader stares at the straight thin shaft WIDE EYES as it RIPS through the air heading directly toward him.  At the last minute, the priest lunges aside, the arrow ZIPS pass him piercing the soldier behind him in the head.

The priest watched as he collapses to the ground dead. Within minutes, the Wilusa’s conquered the surrounding territories and took the remaining inhabitants captured. But the priest slipped out undetected and he escaped to the southeast-side of Anatolia. One day, the shamanistic healer prepared himself for his ritual of purification. As he stood on the bank of the Dahara River, he lowers his eyes staring into the dark water, when he beheld something in the water.

A single stream of light appears before him. He looks at it questioningly, hypnotized by this awesome sight. He watched as an outline of a man becomes visible before him. He can see that it's an image of an old feeble man’s reflection, reflecting off the water’s surface. He raises his head starring across river at endless banks, and sees no one. He turns his back to the river bank, suddenly, there’s a SPLASH in the water.  

He looks back, and the image is gone. The priest backs away from the river, and falls to his knees in prayer. In the mist of his prayer, he hears the water ebbing (moving away from the land). He looks up and rests back on his heels amazed with eyes refusing to blink. An overwhelming wave of fear rushed through his body allowing a powerful dark light to grow from within.

He watched the old man rising majestically out of the water wearing a white robe with a tablet in hand walking toward him. The old man’s gaze is cold, and pale as ice, looking as though he come to judge him. He walks over to where the priest is kneeling and looks down sorrowfully at him. The priest is taken back; he looks up at the old man brooding with fear.

With the tablet in one hand, the old man solemnly raises the other gesturing for the shamanistic healer to rise. Immediately, he rises to his feet and without question the old man handed him the tablet, and returns to the water. The priest winded-up becoming the Wilusas high priest,  

“Incredible! So that’s the secrets of its origin.” says Yasha.

He looks at her nodding his head in affirmation,

“Well does anybody know the child’s name?” asked Yasha.

“Yes. According to the Talmud and the Torah, the child’s name . . . is Cain.”

Yasha drops the cup and turns back, she lets out an audible GASP followed by a moment of silence. She drifts away from the stony shelf, and steps closer to him,

“Alalu followed his lord’s deed and violated Allah’s commandment by fathering an illegitimate son after He forbid deities from doing so . . . and Alalu named him Anu. Don’t we have to have a sacrifice to bring him forth?”

“No! By completing the reading of the text will bring him up.”

“I read the text calling him up?” asked Yasha.


Something ominous is lurking at the edge of the underbrush near the entrance. On the inside, big rats steps across a few dry bones. He shoots a look over his shoulder.

“We must leave these here. If we take them, we will be cursed by the spirits of the temple.” he says to her.

Yasha grimaces from the stench! But she delays their leaving by asking him to finish reading the tablet. Haadee gives her an unassured look, and continued reading from the tablet.    

“And Satan, the god of the earth, shall bless the inhabitants of self-righteous humans in the name of the Most High, to keep the truth hid from them.”

“He’s planning to put humans on the frontline in the war against Allah.” says Yasha. 

“That’s right. He can’t face Allah head on, so he is indirectly battling against Allah by using humans as his choice of weaponry.” replies Haadee.

“So, what you’re saying is? Anu plans to capture the souls of man and sacrifice them before the most powerful entity that roams the earth?”

“According to this, that’s the plan. Their objective is to return the world to the way it was before man was created. But this time -- with a worthy leader.” says Haadee.

“So this temple is dedicated to Satan’s follower, Anu.” says Yasha.

“Yes, and we need to get out of here quickly before we becomes the sacrifice.”  

Suddenly, there’s a gust of wind followed by a HEAVY THUD. A massive beast imprints its foot into the ground. Haadee and Yasha exchange dubious looks after they feel the tremor. They refuse to go back the way they came in. Demonic eyes are fixed on the grotto with purpose; it can’t take its eyes off it and now it’s heading their way.  

Suddenly, there’s a tremendous ROAR that echoes into the cave. Haadee and Yasha snapped their heads around in all directions. Their only other option is to go deeper into the cave. They tentatively retreat further inside. Haadee tries to get a sense of where they are, he looks in another direction but there's nothing to see.

“C’mon!” he says.

They pressed forward until they reached some stairs that leads down to a circular floor that leads to another tunnel. The two hustles down the staircase to a horrifying sight. More human remains lying on the table, but they can’t turn away. Haadee is eager to finish reading the writings on the tablet. He searches for a seat, finding one near a furnace.

All fall silent as they are hit with a massive odor that’s coming from the oven. Their expression goes somber from the horrible smell that engulfs them. The stench was so great; it prompted Haadee to cover his nose and mouth.

Yasha reaches into her bag and pulls out some fragrance oil and incense. She sprinkles out the container of oil on the ground making it bearable to breathe. Haadee continued reading the inscription,

“And God sent Angels to counter Demonites advances by blessing four humans with divine powers.”

Outside of the grotto, a SHADOW zips down the pathway with terrifying speed. Haadee senses something, he holds up his hand in a stop motion, halting his reading. He slowly moves forward, and stops. They look at each other.

“What is it?” asked Yasha.

Haadee stood in silence and then breaks it,

“I thought I heard something?” he replied.

Haadee continued his reading, SUDDENLY, everything goes WHITE. It’s a vision of the HEAVENLY KINGDOM. He sees SILHOUETTE WARRIORS attacking their foes with GODLY WEAPONS. The action is so fast and furious; he doesn’t get a good look at them. He also sees an unknown silhouette, creepy in shape, then everything goes WHITE again, and he’s back in real time. He dropped the tablet nearly breaking it.

“Are you alright? What did you see?” asked Yasha.

 “I seen something that I cannot explain.” he says while looking down at the tablet nervously. 

“Tell me. What did you see?” she asked.

“I don’t know? I couldn’t make it out? Everything was moving so fast.” he says.

But he thought to himself,

“What does all of this mean?”

The two looked at each other perplexed. Yasha reaches down and picks up the tablet and hands it to him but he refuses to touch it.

“Being the vision appeared to you -- you should read it again to see if it return.” she says in her request.

But he backs away with wide eyes refusing to take it from her.

“Here -- take the tablet! You witnessed something that neither Prophets nor Apostles have ever seen before. You’re on the brink of a discovery of a lifetime. Here, take it.” she says encouragingly.

Haadee nervously reaches out and takes the tablet from her and began reading it again,

“Since the beginning -- the two fashions have been locked in deadly combat. The Angels of God were quicker, stronger, and the Demonites were masters of illusion, and cunning.”

Suddenly, everything goes WHITE again and once more Haadee sees the HEAVENLY KINGDOM. He sees again flashes of a brutal battle being wage between angelic beings. But this time, he hears screaming and talons ripping. Everything appears to slow down for him. He sees FIERY ARROWS being launched and other mystic powers from a pendant, sword and shield being used against the enemy.

He gets a quick glimpse of a GROUP OF HUMAN silhouettes; four to be exact, battling along side of the angels against a FLURRY OF DEMONITES. Haadee still does not get a good look at the human silhouettes or the angels. Suddenly, everything goes WHITE again and he’s back in real time. Once again the experience left him nervous and speechless, shaking.

Suddenly, WHAM! There’s a THUD to Haadee’s chest. A three finger claw hand punchers through! He falls to the floor fatally diminished; he’s a shadow of what he was. Yasha is jostled by the sudden attack, she SCREAMS! The creature opens it bird like wings, it SHRIEKS, flexing its arms in achievement. A hysterical Yasha finds herself staring face to face with the deity. Teeth and gums are displayed, with lips curling into a SNARL.    

The creature contracts on itself, preparing to leap but Yasha parries, it HISSES and leaps for her and makes contact. Her eyes are tense, displaying a multitude of forms. Yasha is now possessed and she walks out of the grotto. Suddenly, her back began bubbling as if acid was poured on it. A pair of wings springs out from her back.

She walks to the cave’s entrance and SMASHES the side of the wall with her fist. A CAVE-IN seals the passageway and WHOOSH! She takes flight and her IMAGE DISSOLVES into the night sky.



The dawn of Creation . . .


A TENDRIL OF SMOKE moved about in the darkness of space. It swirls through blackness, pulls in upon itself, till an auspicious humanoid like image forms. It comes to rest over a surface of a watery proportion. The light from it cast a not so detailed reflective image of this being that possesses a daunting and powerful image. He goes by the name Hashem. Suddenly, He says,

“Let there be light.”

A powerful blast illuminates the continuous area of unoccupied dark space. The glory of Hashem revealed a liquid substance, that’s aqua teal in color, translucent, its water. Hashem stepped out of His glory by detaching Himself from the light. He sees the light and He sees that it is good. So He harnesses the light and compressed it, dividing it from the darkness.


The light He called day, and the darkness He called night. The latter part of the day, He called evening, and the early part of the day He called morning. He called this the first day. And Hashem looks at the pre-mortal matter in its present condition, it empty and void. He speaks another word of prophecy,                     


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