These Divine Treasures offer more than help to our heroes; They offer a power far beyond our comprehension! Here are some of the Treasures that ended the Great War that sent Demonites into obscurity.

The Sword Of Power

This powerful item holds untold secrets. It gives off a bluish aura due to the godly mysticism emanating from it. In battle, this item releases fiery blacken flames from its double edge. When thrust into the ground, it unleashes a rapid flow of pulsating energy known as the Wave Of Ruin. Ripples of  intense spectrum spreads out from the base, engulfing everything in its path. The Sword's most devastating effect is known as the Thunder Of Heaven. Small lightening balls are released which joins together creating an energy slug. The effect from the slug produces devastating results.


The Shield Of Strength

This powerful item is embodied with godly mysticism powers. It's depicted with twelve precious stones around it known as the Gems Of Life. The shield is made of Tar- Bronze and White Crystal. The power that's stored within the Gems can rip out the soul of its enemy causing them to become confuse and weary. The shield’s most devastating effect is called, the Light Of Fury An invisible force-field wraps around its handler providing protection on all sides, while a pale aura in the shape of the shield wraps around its target releasing deadly spikes into its victim.


The Pendant Of Light

This powerful item has a protective aura of godly mysticism powers cast upon it. It is embodied with three rubies that emit a red glow. It makes it handler feel invincible against overwhelming odds. When looking into the crown of the pendant, the possessor can gaze into the spiritual or earthly realm. If any threat looks into the crown of the pendant, their will shall succumb to reflection of obedience. The Pendant Of Light most devastating power is called, Light-tricity.  In the wrong hands, this power can slice or pierce through anything imaginable with devastating results.


The Bow Of Justice And Arrows Of Truth

This powerful item is embodied with godly mysticism powers. Only those with great mental discipline can harness and control the power of this item. Each arrow burns with a golden flame but when threaten, the golden flames turns emerald green. Its handler can will the item's arrows into anything that can be imagine. It has two most devastating powers that rivals any other. The first is called, the Flames of Destruction. If pierced by the tip of one of these flaming arrows, its victim will burn from the inside out, then crumbles like ash. The second one is called, the Flames of Demise. When fired, the target is unable to escape its fiery attention. If touched by the emerald flames, the victim disintegrate into thin air.



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